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Gift Ideas - something different

Different Gift Ideas

Different gift ideas, sometning new ! We are all tired of not having any clue of what gift you can give. Whether it is for a birthday , anniversary , baby shower, for men for women. There are a ton of unique gifts you can buy and give.  Some ideas  are , Bluetooth with folding keyboard, folding bicycle, portable expresso maker,  and what? A self tying water ballooon , heated butter knife , usb blanket, inflatable bath tub. The list can keep growing . Check out my list of gift ideas, different gifts that are not the typical gift.  many of the gift ideas can be given for christmas , mothers day , birthday and many more occasions. We have done a search on popular items, unique gift ideas that will make anyone smile.

Different Gift ideas

Clever, Fun, Geeky Gifts Ideas Everyone Will love

  1. Cooler with bluetooth speaker : Get ready to party !!! Something anyone will love . You can take anywhere with you. The cooler holds up to 48 cans or 28 beer bottles. A gift a men will go crazy about. Women may also like this as a gift. Its something cool and unique.different gift ideas
  2.  Bluetooth Wireless speaker : We all love this type of gift. Waterproof  different gift ideas
  3. Cacoon Hanging chair : Great gift for outdoors, camping . For your the backyard. Something unique different gift ideas
  4.   Floor Scrubbing Robot : It pre -soaks, scrubs and squeegee finishes to remove  common household bacteria. pretty cool gift. different gift ideas
  5. make your own irish whiskey : American oak barrel.  This gift is something really different. Not many people will think of something like this awesome gift.  You will leave a good impression with this gift. different gift ideas
  6. Picnic Radio MP3 Speaker . Perfect for any picnic . It keeps your food and drinks cool.different gift ideas


  7.  Robotic lawn mower; Wow!!! I would go crazy if someone gave me this gift.different gift ideas8. Wireless /bluetooth waterproof stereo with a flashlight. Please buy me one!! awesome gift idea any men will love.different gift ideas
  8.  Portable Grill: Take it anywhere , If you love to BBQ this would be a great gift.different gift ideas
  9. Portable hand held espresso maker. Something just unique.different gift ideas
  10. Electric Foot Massager : This would be a great gift for women and men. I know women will love this gift.          different gift ideas     
  11.  Crsytal Clear two person kayak : For those who love kayaking , show off this unique gift.different gift ideas
  12.  Folding Bike : I had no ideas this even existed.different gift ideas
  13. Self stirring mug:  Great office gift. Any one will love this giftcool gift ideas
  14.  Cabana Islander : Im jealous includes cooler , cup holder, can fit up to six people. awesome stuff . I want it!!different gift ideas

Unique Gifts